It’s just as good as Paper Toss

Now, one of – if the best thing about the iPhone is the abundance of apps you can download to your little rectangle hand held miniature comp – that rings people. We’ve all got facebook, twitter apps and the greatest game ever Paper Toss, but there are apps that actually really help you out a fucking load. Like the tube map of London and the train times one (I don’t have it… it costs £4 or something).

Who remembers the ‘ol Vice Guide To Travel dvd? (You can pick it up from Urban Outfitters in their sale at the mo). It’s a pretty sick DVD that tells you about some of the coolest and also most fucked up cities and countries around the world. Vice have a pretty good knowledge when it comes to travel guides, so they’ve joined forces with the big cheeses over at Nike to create the new app True City. It’s a FREE (oh yes) guide to six European city’s, including London telling you places to go from people who know where to go. The app “unlocks access to city insiders’ views of sport, life and culture in six of Europe’s most innovative cities”. So if your pub closes at 11 and you wanna keep drinking, open the app and it will tell you where your nearest late-night watering hole is. If your feeling in a bit of an arty mood and you wanna go to an exhibition, it’ll tell you where to go… pretty sick really, I’ve got it… 😉

The cities are: London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

You can download the app now. Head over to the Truce City site to see a video of how it works and some more info.


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  1. I am really glad to see that you are putting so much of effort for encouraging the readers with valueable posts like this.

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